Game-Of-Fear-By-Robin-PeriniGenius-level children from all over the United States are disappearing into thin air, one by one. No one can figure out who is doing this, or, most importantly, why? Debbie, a decorated S&R (Search and Rescue) pilot, feels great in the cockpit: she's in total control and sets her own rules. However, when her brilliant sister "evaporates" without leaving a single trace behind, she fears that she'll never see her again.

This rescue mission is too close to her heart, and Deb knows she needs help. Gabe, the big, bulky bad-boy is exactly the right man for the job. He used to be a great SWAT officer, but an unbelievable betrayal landed him with a super-dangerous deep-cover mission. Back in the day, he trusted Deb with his life and she saved his ass from the heat.

So, now it's time for Gabe to return the favor. The sexy redhead is in desperate need of his help, and he's ready to put his own life at risk and blow his cover just to find her sister and bring her back home safe and sound. As the dynamic duo learns more about the case of the missing kids, a startling revelation shows them a clear pattern: a wildly popular video game attracts gifted kids of America and they all disappear after they win the game.

The investigation brings Gabe and Deb closer together, but there's no time for love and affection. The clock is ticking, and every minute counts. A ruthless villain stands behind all this, and the two will have to find the little girl before she's lost forever. Game of Fear is a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-rushing and blood-chilling romantic thriller that proves Robin Perini knows how to get the readers hooked up.

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