gemina-by-amie-kaufmanGemina is the long-awaited and hugely anticipated official sequel to the book that both the critics and the fans couldn't get enough of. It's safe to say that if you're a young adult who's in love with the whole science fiction, slash mystery, slash aliens mumbo-jumbo, then you'll be amazed by what Amie Kaufman has to offer. Hanna knew that when she decided to move to a space station that's located at the far end of the galaxy that would mean no more social life for her.

However, she could never think that this journey might bring death and destruction. She's the daughter of the station's captain, and she has no clue as to what's about to happen. The girl thinks that she's living on the most boring station ever, and all she can do is try and kill time with Nik. At the same time, the Hypatia crew is headed for Heimdall - that very boring flying thing that they're on - and they've got news about the upcoming invasion.

Soon, a top-notch strike group boards the station and the teenagers are forced to defend their home and fight for their lives. But, the alien team is after all the residents of this God-forsaken station, and they're getting them one by one. Fortunately, a short malfunction in the wormhole gives them a fighting chance. But, it also threatens to destroy live as we know it.

And that means the scared teenage boy and girl are the only ones who can stop the alien invaders and save the whole universe. Gemina is a brilliant sequel that will leave pretty much every single fan craving for more. It's got enough suspense, drama, and action to keep you glued to your seat. This book sets an entirely new bar for the science fiction genre, and it's gonna be pretty hard to reach it. Bravo, Amie Kaufman, you did it again!

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