If you're a sucker for urban romance, then you know who Diamond Johnson is: she's one of the most prominent and influential writers in the genre right now and she's got a pretty impressive fan-base from all over the world. Shaniqua and her man went through a lot in the original novel, but the real challenges are only just beginning. Miami's heat and all the temptations of the nightlife are threatening to destroy their relationship.

They seem like a perfect couple and you could even call them soul mates, but, for some reason, they keep going back to square one. Getting it right is probably the biggest challenge in their lives. Oh, and let's not forget about Harlem: she's still hoping that one day Desmond will leave his woman and go back into her arms. And, she's ready to sacrifice a lot to make that happen.

Will she be a problem for Sha, another obstacle on her "crusade" towards finding happiness with her fella? If you thought that you had enough drama, heartache, twists and turns the first time around, wait until you see what's in stores for the main characters in Get Me Right Again 2. The stakes are higher than ever, and one wrong move could mean the end for both Desmond and his woman.

They'll have to sort through countless lies, betrayals, loss, regret, and learn to forgive each other and move on. The book starts on a high note and the tension keeps rising to the very end. There's no telling whether these lovely young people will find what they've been looking for, but they sure as hell will do everything in their power to turn HEA into a reality. Get Me Right Again 2 is an exceptional urban romance with just the right mix of drama, swagga, that hood atmosphere and a beautiful love story.

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