Ghosts of War: A Pike Logan Thriller by Brad Taylor

Ghosts-of-War-A-Pike-Logan-Thriller-by-Brad-TaylorWorld War III is coming despite all efforts of The Taskforce. This organization already prevents numerous terrorist attacks in many countries, but this is not enough. The danger is coming much greater than a single attack, and innocents can die by millions. Russia Federation expands its influence not in Syria only. It secures its position in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. So it is very logical to the Taskforce work more cautiously.

While the political situation becomes more desperate, Pike Logan goes to Poland. He, accompanied by Jennifer Cahill. His mission is to confirm artifacts concealed for many years inside a mythical Hitler's gold train. In one moment the boring historical expedition turns into something more dangerous. Tensions between East and West reached a peak. All begins after the Russia Federation invaded into the Belarus Republic explaining this action as a self-defense act. Sad news from Minsk drives the NATO to mobilize its forces.

The World is on the brink of World War III. Meanwhile, Logan and Cahill found out that one of the foreign agents responsible for growing tension between Russia Federation and NATO. As always, time is not enough, but Pike Logan will try to stop the global catastrophe. Ghosts of War novel, written by Brad Taylor is another great continuation about Pike Logan.

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