Sara Novic won a lot of "Best Book" nominations and numerous prestigious international awards with this amazing novel, and all the praise is well-deserved. This is a powerful, emotional, thought-provoking and touching story of a little kid's coming of age. Welcome to Zagreb, 1991. A 10-year-old child, Ana, lives without a single care in her head.

However, a few months later, civil war devastates Yugoslavia, destroying the girl's lovely childhood and forever changing her perception of life, loss, faith and family. The sounds of the cannons never seem to stop, and the poor folks are forced to ration their food and hope for better days to come. Old friends and neighbors that used to trust and respect each other start to do all kinds of inhumane things just to survive in this harsh new world.

And soon, the war machine comes knocking at Ana's door. Everything is different now, and the little girl must find a way to stay alive and overcome all the struggles that come her way. Fast-forward to 2001. Ana managed to escape the horrors of the war and is now a student in the greatest city of all - Manhattan. She's been trying to forget about her past and move on with her life, but the nightmares keep haunting her.

There are some secrets that she hasn't told even her closest relatives about. Now, 10 years after she left her hometown, the young woman returns to Zagreb in an attempt to make peace with what happened. Girl at War is an outstanding drama, a brilliant page-turner that will consume you from the head to the toes. It's stunning, gripping and overwhelming - a must-have!

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