girl-in-pieces-by-kathleen-glasgowGirl in Pieces is a deep, personal, beautiful story about a girl who had to grow up way too early. Kathleen Glasgow created an instant bestseller that will touch the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. The girl's name is Charlotte, and she's in pieces. She's just 17 years old, but she already lost more than you could even imagine. Life is hard for her, but she's a strong kid and knows how to deal with the pain and how to forget. Every new loss, every new scar makes Charlotte stronger and hardens her spirit.

However, it still hurts so badly that sometimes she thinks it's impossible for her to survive another devastating blow. She lost her mom, dad, and her best friend. She's in constant pain, and the only way for her to live through it all is to not care anymore. Sometimes that's exactly what you need to do to heal, gather your strength and get back out there and fight for your happiness.

Sometimes the only way up is down. Girl in Pieces is a moving, heart-wrenching novel about a teenage girl in a harsh world that took so much from her and never gave back even the half of it. Charlotte has to go through a life-long journey to put the pieces back together and to start enjoying her life again. It's a long, hard, thorny road, but it's the only one that she needs to take.

This is Kathleen Glasgow's debut novel, and the critics are already calling it one of the most profound, fundamental books of 2016. It's breathtakingly honest, open and realistic. Just like our life is. The story of Charlotte Davis will stay with you long after you put the book down. Her story will live on and on.

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