Do you know who Mayim Bialik is? Well, if you're keeping up with hit TV shows, then you probably recognize her: she's the star of the insanely popular The Big Bang Theory, and she's back with a truly awesome book for the teenagers of our time. Mayim talks about the science behind growing up and getting what you want from this life.

If you've got a teenage daughter, make sure to give her this masterpiece - she'll thank you later! Being a girl today and growing up in the US or any other country is not a walk in the park. The young ladies these days need to keep the balance between school, friends, parents, boys, their own interests, and everything else in between. Sometimes it feels like they're doing more than folks in the White House!

They're not superheroes - just regular kids - and it shouldn't be stressful for them to be teens. Thankfully, we've got bright and beautiful women like Bialik to tell the girls about all the little tips and trick that will help them be happy and find time for everything. Why does your stomach act funny when you see the boy you like at school? What will happen if you eat too much junk food? And how do you stop freaking out about the upcoming game/test/meeting?

The author uses real-world scientific facts, her own great sense of humor, funny anecdotes, and, of course, the wisdom she's "collected" over the years to give the girls the necessary motivation and inspiration they need in their daily routine. Girling Up comes with tons of usable insights, encouragements and "lady secrets" that will help the young ladies be stronger, smarter, and happier.

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