Glass Sword (Red Queen) by Victoria Aveyard

Glass-Sword-Red-Queen-by-Victoria-AveyardA new addition to Red Queen series. The struggle of rebel army became more serious. The rulers of the world pushed them harder and harder. Moreover, the darkness inside Mare Barrow's heart became larger. She is a woman of paradox abilities. His blood color is red. It makes her closer to common folk. But instead of that, she has an ability to through the lightings. She may be an ideal weapon to a royal family. So, it is the why all the lords want to control her.

Publicly the court denies her powers and called her a fraud. But when she escapes from Maven, she reveals a truth. She suddenly understood that she is not alone, and there are others of her kind. By the way, the escape could not be. But one untrustworthy prince betrayed her. So, he is not the friend of her anymore.

Today Maven is a vengeful king. He tries to catch Mare Barrow. So, the main character is forced to find new allies. But where she can find Red-and-Silver fighters, who will agree to join her forces? One day Mare will understand that she may become the same monster she wants to destroy. And one more question. Is the fact of betrayal changed her in a bad way? She must find an answer by herself.

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