Go-The-Fuck-To-Sleep-By-Adam-MansbachTrue, you won't use that word when talking to your kids - like ever - but the title of this highly entertaining, hilarious and educational book is the perfect definition of what we wanna say from time to time. Every single parent out there knows how hard it can be sometimes to make your children go to sleep. Now, if you've been having those kinds of problems with your favorite kids, it might be time for you to grab a copy of Go the Fuck to Sleep!

This book is all about breaking the rules and laughing at stereotypes and it does all of that in such a hilarious manner that you'll want to re-read some parts over and over again. Yes, the kids can be a total disaster sometimes and take away all of your strength and personal time, but you still love them to death, right?

Go the Fuck to Sleep is like the perfect manuscript for moms and dads who have to struggle with their little ones when it's time to go nappy-nappy. Adam Mansbach is a super-talented writer who's passionate and revealingly honest about the things that we all have to go through as parents. And the fact that the whole book is made up of verses only adds to its unique perspective. It's not a crime to be upset or even frustrated with our kids - it's just a part of parenting, a necessary side effect, if you will. And Adam shows us that it's ok to laugh sometimes and see it all from a different point of view.

Add in charming illustrations and you'll get a beautiful, funny and brutally honest book that you should never read out loud to your children. Some critics call Go the Fuck to Sleep a therapeutical book, and that's probably the best definition for it. It helps you relax and catch your breath before starting another "battle" with your little angels.

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