God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

God-Help-the-2-Child-by-Toni-Morrison-epub-mob-fb2This novel is hard and tender at once. It is about unusual ways to release us from loneliness. It is a very deep story written by the Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison.

"It's not my fault. They can not accuse me. I did nothing and I have no idea how it happened. I had realized there was a problem an hour after. It was a really serious problem. My child was so dark and it scared me. A black color of midnight ... " - speaks the mother of Bride, a newborn girl who has inherited from her ancestor's skin color so black that it surprises her entire family.

Over the years, this girl has been transformed into a beautiful successful businesswoman, but the long shadow of her childhood did not go away. Because of that Bride has problems with Booker, the man she loves. Again she fills rejection and again ... That is how she starts a journey in search of redemption

God Help the Child is a rare masterpiece of form and structure. Split into many different vignettes, some in first-person and some in third-person,
The narrative is not linear and jumps back and forward in time and location. But each part of the novel is like a patch on a minstrels coat. When the story ends – you will be left with an astonishing perfect piece of clothing.

For many readers, God Help the Child is the best release of the last year. Do not miss this beautiful work.

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