The fans of mystery thrillers know exactly who Mr. John Sandford is: he's one of the best-selling writers of our time, a genre-defining author, and quite a humble man. As for Golden Prey, it's the latest addition to his critically-acclaimed Prey series that's been dominating the international sales charts for quite some time now.

While working for the BCA, Lucas managed to save the lives of some pretty powerful and influential folks, and now he's enjoying the responsibilities (and huge pay grade) of a US Marshal. The biggest break is that now he is free to pick the cases himself and follow whatever leads he considers vital. However, that doesn't mean that trouble won't come looking for him: on the contrary - now that he's a big shot, his life is in even more danger than ever before.

Recently, a mighty drug cartel was attacked, and the assailers have taken their money. They left no dollar behind - only five dead men and one 6-year-old kiddo. Lucas hops on the case, hoping to catch the criminals while their tracks are hot. Obviously, the cartel can't let these thugs get away with it, and the Hefe is sending the most lethal assassins to find and punish the offenders.

Thus begins a race against time, and if Lucas fails to get to the attackers first, an all-out cartel war might hit the streets. Things get heated up pretty fast, with the "freshly-baked" US Marshal finding himself in the middle of a battle he can't win. He has no choice but to outsmart both the cartel and the hit-and-runners; otherwise, he could be dead in a couple of hours. Golden Prey is a brilliantly-written, perfectly-planned thriller that comes with a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat narrative, a great line-up of characters and Sandford's trademark plotting.

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