Letty, an eccentric dame, is just out of the slammer, and she's desperately trying to make a living for herself. She's back to her old shenanigans - stealing everything that has value in the suits of fancy hotels. So, one day, while out "working", she overhears a fella talking to an assassin and ordering him to kill his dear old spouse.

Now, Letty is not the one with a big, loving heart or a person that always tries to help the others, but, she's not a lost soul, either. Obviously, the ex-con can't go to the cops with this, and that's why she decides to jeopardize this operation by her own self. This hazardous and perilous plan is as stupid as they come, and Letty is risking her own life for no good reason. On the other hand, she's always been a junkie for that adrenaline rush and breath-taking adventures.

Letty stands right between the killer and his target, which makes her his #1 enemy. However, this "collision course" miraculously brings them close to each other and starts a sizzling-hot fling that's both seductive and potentially lethal. Good Behavior is comprised of 3 independent yet interlinked novels that will allow you to fully appreciate Blake Crouch's amazing writing skills and enjoy the full story without leaving your cozy seat.

Dobesh is one of the finest characters out there, and you'll have tons of fun following her ridiculous journeys, action-packed outings and the great sense of humor. The critics are naming Blake Crouch one of the fresh new voices of his generation, so, if you love to keep track of everything important that's going on in literature right now, Good Behavior is a must-read.

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