good-clean-fun-by-nick-offermanNick Offerman, a bestselling and award-winning author, returns with his greatest work to date. Good Clean Fun is funny, inspirational and pretty bold. Everyone knows that this man is a real pro when it comes to real-world woodshops. Nick knows first-hand what a hard day's work feels like, and he's been doing pretty great so far just using his own two hands.

Aside from being a top-class woodworker, Mr. Offerman is also a comedian, an actor, and, as it turns out, a wonderful writer. And his shop is not limited to producing fascinating furniture: they also make tons of that cool stuff, including mustache combs, baseball bats and everything else that comes with a "Fun" tag on it. So now, in 2016, Nick is ready to share the wisdom, experience, and talent that were put into this fine establishment.

The Woodshop and its amazing team of ragtag badasses will tell you everything there is to know about their biggest and most favorite hobby - woodworking. Furthermore, you'll learn how to make a few of their most favored "products" while sitting in your own garage and enjoying a cold one. Good Clean Fun takes the fans behind the scenes of the famous woodshop, and that's an amazing opportunity to learn all the tricks and get a nice dose of the awesome atmosphere that hangs in the air when these guys are working.

The spirit in Offerman's "lair" is simply outstanding, so, if you're interested in learning how to make cool things and keep your wallet happy, make sure to grab your copy of Good Clean Fun at the local bookstore and enjoy it. As far as books about hobbies and craft go, this one's most definitely one of the best on the market right now.

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