good-vibrations-by-mike-loveThe Beach Boys have been around for more than 50 years, and the critics claim that they are the biggest American band ever! As for Mike Love, the lead singer, there's no telling how many fans he's got around the globe - probably more than a billion. In any case, these fellas are living-breathing legends, and when an iconic man like Mike decides to grace the world with a memoir/autobiography, you just can't miss it. It's been 5 decades since we first heard the band's trademark "Good Vibrations", and this book is like the perfect celebration.

Given the fact that Mr. Love has been the founder of the band for about 55 years, he probably knows about it more than any other person on planet Earth. The boys are originally from Cali, and their amazing rise to international fame is both unique and inspirational. It's a true American story, and, even though the band became a hit overnight, they've been working 24/7 long before that.

Obviously, when you spend more than half a century together, there will be tons of struggles to overcome together, and the story of The Beach Boys includes secrets, lies, betrayals, forgiveness, self-destruction, and everything else in between. At the same time, Mike claims that the years with the band were a blessing, and he's humbled to be a part of such a wonderful journey.

In Good Vibrations, the author breaks down the lyrics to the band's most popular songs, shares exclusive details on his 3 cousins and talks about the ever-changing American culture, the various events that happened in the musical industry over the last 50 years, and more. Mike Love is a father, a husband and a living icon, and this book is just as monumental as the legendary Beach Boys.

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