Graviy-Falls-Journal-3-By-Alex-HirschIf you're a true fan of Gravity Falls, then you'll most definitely appreciate Journal 3, as it comes with every single page there was on the official show. Furthermore, it's got exclusive, brand-new pages with secrets, different creatures and even some notes from Mabel and Dipper. It's a big (288 pages), colorful, bright and happy book that will make your day!

Gravity Falls is considered to be one of the best shows to ever hit national television, and this book is your one-and-only chance to once again dive into the world of craziness and awesomeness. True, Gravity Falls might not necessarily be a dream town, but it's an absolute blast if you, say, visit it for the weekend! As for the Journal, it's like the perfect mix of chilling, scary stories and top-class humor that will leave you craving for more.

Obviously, it's written for the kids (8-12-years-old), which means you won't find any real brutality, strong language or anything like that. On the contrary - it's a great book to explore with your children! Bottom line is, if you've been watching the show for a while, just go ahead and by this colorful book. You won't ever regret it. It's fun, exciting and ridiculous, all at the same time.

Tons of amazing (and exclusive) pictures? Check. Never-ending secrets, codes, riddles and action? Double check! Every single art, every single picture is done with so much love and passion that you'll spend hours checking them all out and praising the authors. Again, it's a real treat for the fans and a super-fun book for the rest of us who never even knew about Gravity Falls. That's right - you don't have to be a die-hard fan to enjoy it, and that's the Journal's biggest selling point.

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