Great Expectations

Charles-Dickens-Great-ExpectationsThe author thought about Great Expectations as about one of his "little pieces". It is really thin novel, especially if you compare this work with enormous books like David Copperfield for example. Great Expectations is like the best novels of Charles Dickens. It has all essential elements of masterworks: beautiful story and amazing characters.

The Great Expectations begin with little orphan Philip running from a terrifying convict. This personage tried to force Phillip stealing different things for him including a food. The convict threatening Philip, saying that if he will complain to anybody his heart and liver will be eaten.

Phillip does as convict asked him. Fortunately, this scary man captured and transported to the Australia, where he will be working hard to the end of his life. Then Phillip returned to the cemetery and all bunches of strange events will start very soon.

The story of Great Expectations is dark, sometimes it feels like a surrealistic novel, sometimes you think about it as about dirty and bluntly realistic work. And there is one more interesting thing about this book – you cannot find between the pages any comic or truly laughable moment as in another legacy of great English novelist Charles Dickens.

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