Great in Bed

great-in-bedEveryone wants to have great sex. Now everyone can!
Written by Dr. Debby Herbenick and Grant Stoddard, two of the world's most highly esteemed sex experts, Great in Bed is a guide to fantastic sex that takes a "he said/she said" point of view, so couples can learn how to properly communicate their desires with their partner.

Perfect for a couple just getting together, or one who's been together for years, Great in Bed teaches sexual confidence, positive self-image, and multiple skills so readers can learn how to bring their bedroom escapades to the next level.

Journalist, sex columnist, and author Debby Herbenick, PhD, is a well-respected sex therapist, known for both her work at the Kinsey Institute and her writing, which has been published in The New York Times, Men's Health, Cosmo, and Marie Claire. She has appeared on the Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and Discovery Health. She is the author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction.

Grant Stoddard is an author, and sex and lifestyle journalist, who has been published in New York magazine, GQ, and Glamour. He is currently a contributing editor to Men's Health and has worked as a sex columnist for His memoir, Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert has been optioned to be made into a film by Paramount Vantage.

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