Groover-Clevelan,-Again!-By-Ken-BurnsHave you ever wanted to buy a book that gathered all the greatest American presidents in one place? A book that's full of exciting facts from history, hilarious stories, and, of course, a very patriotic core? Ken Burns is a world-esteemed master at writing nonfiction books that are both entertaining and educational. That's true - Grover Cleveland, Again! is not a fictional story, and everything that you'll read about in it did actually take place in the past.

This instant bestseller would be a great gift to your kids, as it's important to educate your children about this nation's legacy while still picking a book that will be an interesting read, as opposed to those giant history books that are no fun at all. Mr. Ken Burns has a unique talent of talking about grown-up stuff in a very brisk, down-to-Earth manner, and that's exactly what makes Grover Cleveland, Again! a wonderful piece of work.

If your children are interested in this country's story and want to learn about America's presidents, Ken's latest offering would be your best bet. Every single president has his own illustrated spread that's got all the necessary information that you and your kids will ever need. These people are true national heroes, outstanding figures that lead us to where we are right now.

This is a must-have book for those folks who appreciate what the ancestors have done for us, plus, it would be a great fit for all the classrooms and study groups. By the way, did you know that Grover Cleveland was (and still is) the only guy that managed to serve 2 non-consecutive terms as the president of the United States? Well, now you do! Grover Cleveland, Again! is a nicely framed, beautifully written and entertaining book, a modern-day edition of the best documentary books on history, one that won't feel like a drag reading through and through.

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