GUILTY-MINDSJoseph Finder is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed authors of our time, and he's back with yet another thrilling story about the devastating power of lies and the fact that even the world's elite can't keep a secret forever. The book is focused around the chief justice of the Supreme Court who is attacked by a gossip site that's all about digging in the dirty laundry of politicians and famous people. His career and his reputation are at stake. The website published an article, claiming that the man was sexually involved with an escort, and this girl is ready to share all the tiniest details with the whole world. Mr. Nick Heller, the main character of Guilty Minds, is a top-class private spy, a true professional who's constantly being hired by politicians, celebrities and even governments to take care of their mess. He's got his own way of conducting investigations and never loses a case.

Naturally, he's summoned to Washington, DC, and asked to help out with this delicate matter that can blow up at any second. Heller has only 2 days to uncover the truth about the article and to clear the name of the chief justice. However, the escort is soon found murdered, and that turns this already difficult case into a real nightmare. So, Nick has to find the master of the puppets, the man who stands behind this conspiracy before the situation gets out of hand.

Guilty Minds is a fast-paced thriller that grabs your attention and never lets go. It's an exciting read that is well worth the money spent. Finder delivers another masterpiece for us all to enjoy, one that is already being compared to the best books in the genre.

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