Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World

Jonathan-Swift-Gulliver's-Travels-into-Several-Remote-Nations-of-the-WorldSwift dresses his satire on society, politics and science of his time in a shiny told an adventure story. The whole civilized world revealed as a grotesque caricature into Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. The tiny countries of Lilliput or Giants are beautifully invented metaphor for self-knowledge. The very vivid and original mix of real and fantastic elements are the main reason why the Swift's novel does not became older.

Gulliver discovered during his travels, not the Lilliput country only, but many other fairytale worlds, including the land of the giants, the flying island, the land of wizards, immortals or the Houyhnhnms, where the horses are the rulers and the people are the working animals.

For us, it is interesting how Gulliver repeatedly compares his discoveries and the respective companies with native England of his. Thus you can learn many details of everyday life from 1700. And, of course, during Gulliver's Travels happen many funny and dramatic events that are particularly delightful for children. But at the end of Gulliver's journey the Swift is quite serious: in the last pages, the main character is frightened with how historians distorted the facts. Moreover, at the peaceful and happy horses he recognizes the bad habit of the people, who even prepare their misfortune with wars and corruption.

The book is aimed, according to Swift, to young English aristocrat, is a cleverly packaged social criticism. Instead of writing about England problems, he gives the possibility to compare many alternative forms of different lifestyles and societies.

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