gunslinger-by-jeff-pearlmanHave you been waiting for someone to write a full, extensive and descriptive biography of Mr. Brett Favre, one of the greatest NFL players in history? Well, the wait is finally over, as Jeff Pearlman, an award-winning and bestselling author, did a fantastic job with Gunslinger. Brett Favre, a member of the Hall of Fame, had been a king on the field for 20+ years.

He was a true legend, a titan, as they called him: he was throwing that ball faster than anyone and always delivered that A-game, no matter the weather, his physical condition or anything else. He never gave up, and that's what made his an iconic player on the field. Brett was a quarterback, and he "squeezed" his team into two Super Bowl games and helped them win the championship. Oh, and he also set a whole number of records in the NFL, so, keep that in mind as well. So, Gunslinger is Favre's story, told for the first time.

Pearlman spent hundreds of hours reading and watching endless interviews, some of which were from the quarterback's family, relatives, and friends. This man's journey took him from a rough-tough neighborhood to pretty average results in football in high school to a terrible accident on the road that he survived against all odds.

Brett got back on his feet and got a contract with the Atlanta Falcons; then, he found his home in Green Bay and gave his best years to the team. He has a really huge fan base and they always support him no matter what. The man had his fair share of demons, too, including infidelity and addiction. Plus, Favre lost his dad and had to leave football behind, even though it was the one and only thing that he loved the most. Gunslinger is an amazing sports biography that's both epic and revealing. This is a fascinating portrait of a truly legendary player.

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