Stephen King needs no introduction: this man has been shaping the mystery thriller/horror genre for decades, bringing more and more heat and delivering A-grade stories that we all love and cherish. This masterpiece is being called one of the master's greatest works, which means the fans simply have to grab a copy. Welcome to Castle Rock, a tiny American town in the middle of nowhere.

The inhabitants of this "settlement" have seen a lot of mysterious guests and even were a part of some creepy, weird events, but there's still one story that nobody has ever heard before. You can get to Castle View using 3 different routes, and one of them are the so-called Suicide Stairs. Back in '74, a 12-year-old kiddo named Gwendy used to go up the stairs every single day.

There, she loved to admire the view and look at the other kids playing together and shouting. A bit further to the side, she could see a bunch of other children play baseball for the upcoming important game. One day, out of the blue, a strange man called the girl's name, telling her that the two of them needed to have a little chat. He wore black pants, a super-white shirt, and a classic black coat.

Oh, and he also had a stylish hat, which immediately caught Gwendy's attention. Who was this man, and what was his business with the innocent child? Read Gwendy's Button Box and find out! Stephen King did a fantastic job with this novel and met the expectations of pretty much every fan out there. The story is gripping, riveting, mysterious and suspenseful, and you'll never guess what's gonna happen on the next page. What can we say - Stephen is really the King of this genre!

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