What is the true meaning of mercy? How do we embrace it the way God wants us to? Hallelujah Anyway, the latest bestseller from the gifted Anne Lamott, has the answer: mercy is kindness of the purest kind. It's like an official permission that we give to ourselves and to others, a permission to forgive, to forget, to move on and to focus on the good instead of always concentrating on the pain and the grief.

You could call this the meaning of life, the essence of being a human being. Mercy is all around us, and we must find a connection with it, learn to recognize its presence on every step of the way. Mercy lives inside of us, our friends, loved ones, and the beautiful world that we live in.

If we learn to use it right, we'll be able to understand what God wants from us and how to build better, stronger, more honest connections with the people that we care about. Mercy is a huge part of happiness, and only if we master this "ability" will we be able to truly enjoy life on this gorgeous planet. Yes, it's easier said than done, but kindness is what makes us human beings and, the more we share our kindness with the world, the more will it thank us for it.

Unlike many books about religion and self-help/self-improvement, Hallelujah Anyway is written in a brisk, engaging, plain-and-simple manner, and Lamott's great sense of humor, brilliant writing skills, and total honesty turn this book into a must-have for all of us. The author put all of her wisdom, care, and love into Hallelujah Anyway, and she invites us to join her in this life-defining journey towards kindness and mercy.

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