Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare

Hamlet,-Prince-of-Denmark-William-Shakespeare-To be or not – to be. This is Hamlet's famous question. Like no other literary figure created by the Shakespeare, Prince of Denmark is the type of the doubter. He gave the promise to the ghost of his murdered father to take revenge for his death, but all attempts to fulfil this vow are leading him further into misery only. William Shakespeare's tragedy, created in 1600, is perhaps the best example of his legacy and certainly the most powerful of his plays: Countless revisions and adaptations testify the timelessness of the substance.

"Something is rotten in Denmark" - The popular King lies dead in his garden, killed by a snake. On the throne now sits his brother Claudius, married on Hamlet's mother Gertrude. Hamlet condemns this hasty marriage. In addition, he learns from his father's ghost that he was treacherously murdered by Claudius. He calls his son to revenge and Hamlet says that he will do. Hamlet rages with fury, but does not act openly against the new king. Soon is Hamlet's death is decided by his enemies.

To disguise his intention Hamlet plays the madman, even against his beloved Ophelia. Everyone thinks Hamlet suffers from obsessive love. To know his thoughts and intentions, the royal couple has called two old friends of Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern to the court. But Hamlet is continuing his play.

"Hamlet - Prince of Denmark" is probably written around 1600 to 1601. It opens philosophical problems of human existence and became extremely popular with time.

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