Mr. Hammer, the deputy, always gets the convicts, even if they're brutal thugs and vagabonds. It goes without saying that they put up a fight, but Joe is not one to be messed with either. However, after he tracks a bunch of cruel killers and puts 'em down, he realizes that he's getting old and all that violence is a bit too much for his heart and mind.

So, he hits retirement, gives up that much-loved badge and rides out into the sunset. He goes to Mexico, hangs up his trusty guns and tries to live the life of a normal human being, with no trouble, hassle, and/or responsibilities. But, that peaceful and serene life that he's been dreaming of is not in the books for him: Farias, an infamous and notorious thug, kills his friends, and for a man like Joe Hammer that's like a spike through his own heart.

They don't call him the Hammer of God for nothing, and the bandit is about to learn that you can't just kill the man's buddies and get away with it. Yes, Joe's been through a lot and the man that he's after is a legend, but that's nothing compared to the bloodbath that is yet to come. Joe is determined to track the rascal down and to make him pay for everything that he's done.

Revenge is a dish served cold? Well, not for Mr. Hammer! The blood of his enemies will color the earth that he's walking on and there's no stopping the ex-deputy once he's set on hunting down his prey. Hammer of God is a brilliant western that sticks to the classic rules of a good-old adventure in the American West while introducing something new to the genre and keeping it fresh. The book is gripping, thrilling, and the author is a total badass!

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