hard-road-by-j-b-turnerMr. J. B. Turner has a couple of bestselling political thriller series that always top the international sales charts, and, without a doubt, the Jon Reznick trilogy is his best (and most popular) work to date. Hard Road is the first novel in the franchise, so, if you wanna enjoy the story from the very beginning, grab a copy and enjoy!

Reznick is one of the best operatives for the US elite, the one and only man that the powerful 1% goes to whenever they need something "handled". He's the best there is, and currently, he's on a mission to kill a high-ranked official. And, he can't just murder the man - it must look like a suicide. Well, that's like child's play to Reznick; however, as he soon discovers, the target is not just another "no-name". There's something terribly wrong with the operation - it's compromised.

So, Reznick escapes the scene and takes the person he was supposed to put down with him. He's wanted by the Bureau and a powerful terrorist group that wants to make America suffer. And when Reznick's little girl becomes a part of this wild goose chase, the man will have to put his best skills to use in order to bring her home safe and sound. Besides, he's the only one who knows what's really going on and what dangers the United States are facing.

Will the country's best black-ops soldier be able to stop the terrorists from blowing the States up, or is it already too late? Hard Road is a textbook bestseller, ladies and gentlemen: it's got enough action, drama, conspiracies and heroic moments to keep you up all night. Mr. J. B. Turner proves once again that he's the king of modern-day political thrillers.

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