Hard-To-Catch-By-Alice-WardThe Beasts of Baseball is one of the most successful romantic/erotic series of our time, and the lovely Alice Ward is now officially back with the third chapter. Hard to Catch follows Todd, a pro player that had to leave Mets - his favorite team - and join a brand-new squad. The worst thing about it - now he's just catching the ball for Calv, the big-time celebrity, star boy, pretty boy and playboy, all wrapped up into one cocky prick.

This guy is pretty much the worst thing that could happen to Todd, and the tension between the two alpha-males is rising with every passing day. The reason? A woman, of course! They both wanted to have Whitney back in the day, a gorgeous young lady, and Todd is confident that she should've belonged to him, and not to that moron. Yet, Calvin ended up marrying her, leaving the ex-Mets star with nothing.

And now, given the fact that he's got quite a bad rep in baseball, thanks to all those adrenaline rushes and daredevil moments, the team has officially "assigned" a PR to him. The girl's name is Katrina, and she's the child of a baseball icon. Furthermore, she's super-hot, curvy and has a beautiful smile. And finally, she's hiding something behind that mask of a perfect life.

As Todd soon learns, she's in some kind of a trouble with her dad's business, and that forced her to work her ass off just to get by. Is that all true, or maybe some ugly folks are just spreading false rumors? In any case, Todd is interested enough to want to figure it all out by himself. Hard to Catch is a sexy, alluring, hot and exciting romantic novel about a fine baseball player and a gorgeous young woman. This is a standalone book with a happy ending and a great sense of humor!

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