Harry-Potter-and-the-Goblet-Of-Fire-By-J.-K.-RowlingJ.K. Rowling received a lot of positive reviews from the critics - they called The Goblet of Fire the perfect sequel to the previous books in the record-breaking series and a nice switch from simple fantasy books for kids to modern-day teen fantasy and drama. The fans were cheering for the new adventures of their favorite characters, and, again, really liked the way the author showed Harry's maturing. He was still a kid, but not a little boy anymore.

Tthe Goblet of Fire is the 4th novel in the record-breaking series about the young wizard and tells about his 4th year at the Hogwarts School, where he was practically raised and learned so much about who he is, where he comes from and how to use his amazing powers for the Greater Good. Harry is forced by somebody to participate in the Triwizard challenge, and he and his closest friends will have to figure out who wanted him there and why.

The 4th Harry Potter book hit the bookshelves in 2000. It was available in the US the same day as in the UK, which was never the case with the first 3 novels. Furthermore, a year after the official release, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire won a lot of prestigious awards.

At first, Harry was struggling with the difficulties of life in Hogwarts and had to constantly walk on uncharted lands. Plus, the fact that he was destined to become a mighty wizard made everything that much more difficult for him. He only found out that he was a wizard when he was 11, just when he started attending the school for wizards. In the new book, Harry is all grown and knows his way around magic. Still, there's a lot that he has to learn, and Voldemort is always one step ahead of him.

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