Harry-Potter-and-the-Half-Blood-Prince-By-J.-K.-RowlingThe Half-Blood Prince, the 6th book in the ground-breaking series about Harry Potter, a young wizard, became available in the UK and America back in 2005. It took the new novel 24 hours to sell 9 million copies - a staggering result. However, the sequel, The Deathly Shadows, managed to break this record and become the fastest-selling book in history. Yes, Harry is a pretty popular guy these days!

Joan Rowling, the author of the series, writes about Harry's 6th year at his favorite school for wizards - Hogwarts - and follows the past of his most fierce enemy, Lord Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard to ever walk the Earth. At the same time, the young magician and his friends are teaming up to fight the ultimate battle with the lord of darkness and Harry's headmaster, Albus, stands strong with them.

The Half-Blood Prince received a lot of glowing reviews and won numerous awards. The biggest difference between the new book and all the previous ones was in that the 6th novel was the darkest one to date and strayed away from the usual joyful and childish atmosphere of the original stories. However, the author still managed to put some cool jokes and funny moments in the book to bring some life into the action, so to speak.

Trust, faith, love, death - those are the main themes of the 6th novel, along with the main character's development. He came a long way from an 11-year-old boy without a care in the world to a young man who had to grow up fast in order to survive in this harsh new world. The Half-Blood Prince is a highly entertaining, funny, brisk and uplifting fantasy book for all the teenage fans of magic, fantastic creatures and the never-ending fight against evil.

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