Hartwood-By-Eric-WernerHartwood is exactly what you'd expect from a book with that kind of a title: it's packed with unbelievably delicious, unique and exotic meals that people from all around the world come to taste. The majority of critics called it the most amazing and beautiful cookbook of the year, so, that automatically means the readers are in for a real treat. Eric Werner, the author of this wonderful book, is a man who is not afraid to go after his dreams.

He and his wife, Mya, the co-author, used to work at a regular restaurant in NY, but they decided it was time for a change and gave everything up to start a new life in a nice, far-away town - Tulum. Hartwood is their brand-new restaurant that they practically built from the ground up, and today it's considered to be one of the most amazing and refreshing restaurants on planet Earth. Eric is the man who's responsible for the delicious food - he's the king of the kitchen - while Mya is the manager and takes care of the business part of the deal.

Together they make a wonderful couple and turned Hartwood into the place that serves one-of-a-kind meals. People line up for hours, if not days to get a taste of the world-famous dishes. At the same time, it's worth mentioning that Eric has always been a fan of natural ingredients, which means the recipes in Hartwood, the cookbook, are available to every home cook out there, regardless of their skill set.

Every single dish has a perfect balance of sweet/spicy and fresh/dried, but there's usually no wheat and/or dairy, and that's great. Mr. Werner uses simple elements to add flavor to his dishes, including herbs (both fresh and dried), honey, garlic, and onions. At the end of the day, Hartwood is a collection of top-notch recipes with step-by-step guides, high-res photographs and an uplifting story of a regular couple that decided it was time for a change - a big one.

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