If you're a hip modern-day man/woman and love everything about the urban romance genre, then Natavia is most definitely one of your favorite writers. This beautiful young woman has a special gift of always finding just the right plots and characters to get the readers hooked up. This is the 3rd chapter in her highly successful series, and the crew is back, putting that work in and fighting for happiness.

Ashanta and Kwenya are super-excited to welcome their first kid into this world, but their friends and family are still struggling. Bishop and his girl are not even a couple anymore. They've been through enough, but their relationship is doing them both more harm than good. So, they're thinking about parting their ways.

Serene has just finalized her divorce papers and is also about to deliver a baby. However, her now-ex-husband is not ready to let go of her and their child, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to bring her back and to be a family again. And when tragedy strikes, they'll need to forget about their differences, come together and support each other. There’s another man on the horizon, and he's set on conquering her heart and mind.

Will he beat her ex to it? On the other hand, Yolo is a party boy and a womanizer - a playa, if you will. And settling down is pretty much the hardest thing for him to do. But, when that one and only girl comes into his life, he changes into a different man. He Exposed me to the Real, Now I Hate Lames 3 comes with heartbreak, big losses, revelations, secrets, lies, and even bigger love. Natavia invites all the kings and queens of the ‘hood to dive into a world of high stakes and big rewards.

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