Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Heart-of-Darkness-by-Joseph-ConradCaptain Marlow travels up the Congo river into the wilderness of the innermost Africa on behalf of a Belgian trading company. He meets senseless chaos and terrible movements of blacks on all trading posts.

When he learns of Kurtz, an ivory agent who lives a reckless life and makes businesses at the end of the river, Captain Marlow thought that he must see him. And his journey helps him to discover a dark hidden mystery. What he finds at the end is a man, who has lost the sense of humanity. No ray of light penetrates the dark mood of Conrad, rarely interrupted by sarcastic and ironic commentaries of the narrator given the macabre states in the.

Since his childhood the young Marlow dreams of exploring the last blank spots on the map. Despite his lack of experience, the captain leads into the African jungle.

There is a hell around him – a grotesque madhouse of colonization, unorganized camps, quirky men who do nothing but forge intrigues against each other.

Marlowe is a rational, realistic man responded to every challenge with incomprehension and irony. He is very impressed by the size, the originality and the power of the forest.

There is an extraordinary power of Heart of Darkness novel. It shows not only the darkness of the wilderness, but also the darkness of the human soul.

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