Mr. Delaware, a hard-boiled psychologist, and Milo, a detective with the LAPD, are trying to figure out all the ins and out of the unfortunate death of the doc's most mysterious patient in years. The investigation leads them to ground-breaking revelations and puts both their lives at risk. Jonathan Kellerman delivered yet another sensational thriller that will consume the readers from the first pages. They don't call him the king of mystery for no reason!

Thalia was almost 100 years old, and, given the fact that Alex usually treats kids, she wasn't his regular kind of a patient. However, the smart, charming lady coaxed the man to meet her at a fancy hotel. She wanted him to tell her all about victim selection, patterns of serial killers, and the very nature of guilt.

Obviously, Alex was a bit startled with all those questions and asked for the real reason she was so interested in all that stuff. Thalia made him a promise: she'll reveal her true intentions at their next meeting. However, when he arrived the next day, there was no cheerful voice to greet him - Thalia was dead. And that's when Delaware and Milo joined forces and tried to peel back the multiple layers behind her mysterious passing.

Soon they learned that she was indeed a marvelous woman and begin one of the most puzzling investigations in both their lives. Thalia had lived for almost 100 years and took all the secrets away with her. Heartbreak Hotel is a classy Kellerman masterpiece: the man uses his brilliant writing skills, scientific mind and years of experience to deliver a mighty bestseller not only for the fans of the genre but pretty much every single person out there who loves to read high-quality books.

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