heartfire-by-joanna-blakeHis name is Drew, and he's a firefighter, one of the greatest ones out there, actually. He's a brave, courageous man who's not afraid to go where the heat is. In fact, the firemen are pretty much the heroes of the town, and Drew's dad, brothers, and cousins are all on the team and risk their lives every day for the good people of Brooklyn. He's a star - been on TV, calendars, social media - you name it. And he can get any girl he wants in a matter of seconds.

All he has to do is let the ladies know that he's interested. At the same time, there's that one special girl that he wants the most, and she got away. Her name is Kennedy. Her parents were religious and she had to spend almost every second at home. But, Drew had a steaming hot fling with her. Kennedy was a shy, honest girl, a virgin, and for a guy like Drew, she was the easiest "prey".

However, she conquered his heart and his soul, and, to this day, he still can't get her out of his head, even though he's been with so many gorgeous women from all around the world. They had only a few weeks together and sneaking around was a part of their ritual. But, he even said that he loved her. That's when she stopped answering his texts or calls and left the town to visit her relatives. And now she's back, and she's got a baby on her hands.

She claims that Drew is the father, but how can he trust that she was true to him for all those days and nights? Maybe she's just playing him? Regardless, he still wants her like crazy, and there's nothing he can do about that. Heartfire is a fantastic romantic novel that comes with a beautiful story and an off-the-charts chemistry between the amazing characters. A must-have for the ladies!

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