heartless-by-marissa-meyerMarissa Meyer is back, ladies and gentlemen, and she's got a brand-new bestseller for the readers to enjoy. This is the tale of the famous Queen of Hearts, the evil witch of Wonderland. She wasn't always like that, and, many years ago, she was just a young girl who wanted the one and only thing that we all crave - love.

Cath is one of the most beautiful, dashing and desired young ladies in the whole world, and the King of Hearts himself wants to be her husband, but, the girl is not really interested in him and goes for something entirely different. She's a gifted baker, and her biggest dream is to open a bakery shop and to run the business with her closest friend. However, her mother is convinced that she can't even think about doing that, as it's simply inappropriate for a young girl who has a very good chance of becoming the next queen of the land.

And that's when she first meets Jest, a charming, mysterious and very good-looking joker. He makes her heart beat faster and Cath experiences a whole bunch of emotions that she never thought would be possible. She falls in love with him, and, despite the fact that this relationship could very well leave her parents disappointed in her and the king offended, their feelings are too strong to say "No" to.

So, Catherine decides to take her destiny into her own hands and to fall in love with the man that she truly wants to be with, and not the one that's "convenient". But this is Wonderland, a place where magic, beasts, and mad people have always been a part of the picture, and fate is determined on making the girl obey...Heartless is a brilliant fantasy novel for the young adults. It's got enough romance, drama, tension and magic to make the readers beg for more.

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