Riley's new boss is a billionaire, and, just like any other cocky rich fella, he's buying expensive stuff and treating it like toys. Dex is his skilled pilot, and he's got that special something that makes the ladies go crazy. Yes, he's a prick, an asshole, and a moron, but that doesn't change the fact that he's got the good looks, the charisma and all the time in the world to enjoy himself.

Riley hates his guts: she's a brand-new stewardess on the billionaire's gorgeous jet, and the money is good, but the extra attention the pilot is giving her is just too much. He's going for the big run, so to speak, and trying to seduce her right there and right then. Are his actions preposterous, offensive and destructive? Yes! But does she want him to stop? Hell no!

True, she's always been into pilots - that uniform, all that pro equipment, and slang - but Dex is pushing it way too hard. Those looks, that tongue, and even that attitude are nothing Riley can't handle, but when the billionaire tells them to pretend to be man and wife, the girl becomes furious. Keeping it casual and focusing on the job is a big part of being a professional, but how can she act normal when this arrogant bastard is doing everything humanly possible to get into her panties?

Those big, masculine arms covered in tattoos are pretty much the sexiest thing she's ever seen. Besides, foolin' around with a colleague while on the job never hurt anyone, right? Dex knows exactly what to say, what to do and how to push those buttons in her body. Heavy Turbulence is a sexy story about a bad-boy slash alpha male, an uptight beauty and a smutty love affair between the two.

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