As the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw described the heroine, “no conscience, no conviction … she remains mean, envious, insolent, cruel, in protest against others' happiness”, author Henrik Ibsen successfully portrays a powerful and reckless main character in Hedda Gabler. Among the most performed and studied of Ibsen's dramas, this modern theater masterpiece continues to incite strong reactions and challenge audiences as well as readers all over the world. It has tested the fortitude of each leading actresses in every generation since its first production in Norway in 1890 and is considered as one of the most difficult dramatic roles in theater.

In this dark psychological drama, Ibsen takes us to the world of Hedda, a daughter of an aristocratic general who recently marry out of desperation. She is a spiritually hollow woman, nearly devoid of redeeming virtues. Her profound jealousy toward a former schoolmate’s influence in the success of her former lover and her ruthless manipulation of her husband lead down to a destructive path that resulted to her own tragic and untimely demise.

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