It's 1944, and the end of WW2 is near. While the Nazis are still strong on the European front and in the Pacific region, Military Intel finds something disturbing: a gigantic 300-foot submarine, empty, somewhere in the Brazilian waters. As it turns out, it's a Japanese sub, and the US government has sent a squad to check it out, but they haven't checked back yet, which means they're missing.

So, the commanders decide to send MacCready to investigate. The man is smart, witty, and pretty much a genius. He is to determine what the Japanese are doing on the other side of the world and get back with hard evidence. They parachute him right into the heart of Brazil, one of the most uncharted regions of planet Earth, and that's where he comes across him good buddy and fellow genius, Bob.

Everyone thinks that he passed away a few years ago, but he enjoys a peaceful and tranquil life with a local woman with special skills and abilities. Her wisdom and guidance are exactly what Mac needs in this highly dangerous and perilous journey. Soon, he finds his way into a centuries-old valley located right under a breath-taking 2000-foot plateau and learns of an eerie plan to annihilate America and all of its allies.

However, the Japanese aren't the only foes in this ancient jungle. There’s a dark force lurking around in the shadows and taking men and animals one by one. All alone in a mysterious jungle, Mac is the only person out there who can save humanity and put a stop to an evil plan to destroy us all. Hell's Gate is a blood-chilling action-adventure novel with just the right amount of thrill, mystery, and suspense. Action and science come together to create a true masterpiece!

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