Lia is a young, beautiful, "juicy" American girl who's forced to move back home. Obviously, that wasn't ever a part of her big plans, but she actually has no other choice. The thing is - she's got a bitch of a stepmother: she's an evil "witch", and Lia can't seem to enjoy life under her tyrannical law-and-order system. The girlie is kinda like Cinderella, out there looking for her one and only prince and trying to handle her crazy slash monstrous stepmom.

At the same time, this is a modern-day story, not a centuries-old tale, and Lia's prince is not a young boy with rosy cheeks, but rather a grown-up man who's almost twice her age. Tasha is pretty much her BFF, the best friend in the world, and she's got a hot dad that Lia falls for. The attraction is stronger than everything she's ever experienced. Back when the young lady was just a teenage girl, she used to fantasize about him a lot.

He was quite the stud, and today he looks and feels a lot younger and hotter. Oh, and the guy is also wealthy, well-respected, powerful and charismatic. Soon after Lia arrives in town, he kindly offers her to work for him - he's got a big-bad company and they're hiring young, ambitious and talented women. How could she say no, right? She does need the money, and she couldn't pass on an opportunity to get to know him better.

It's not just a fling or flirting: what they have is something deeper and much stronger. True, it's pretty hard to "hide in the shadows" and not to get caught, because Tasha will most certainly not speak to Lia ever again if she finds out. So, what is she supposed to do with a baby then?! Penny Wylder did it again, ladies and gentlemen! Her Best Friend's Dad is a full-length, stand-alone erotic novel with enough fun, filth, and naughtiness to get you hooked up.

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