her-dads-friend-by-penny-wylderIf you're a fan of sexy, steaming hot romantic novels to enjoy on a lonely, cold night, Penny Wylder is the perfect author for you. Her Dad's Friend is Wylder's latest offering, and it's full of that sexual tension and passion to get you excited. Rachel, the main character of the novel, is a 21-years-old girl who has a huge crush on her father's best friend. The man has been a friend of the family for decades, which means he practically watched Rachel grow up from a little girl to a young woman.

There's the element of taboo that makes it all interesting, but, something that started as dirty lust turns into real feelings and, eventually, love. So, flirting with her father's best friend who's practically twice her age wasn't the best decision of her life. But falling in love with him and trying to have sex with him on her birthday must be the worst thing she ever tried to do!

She hasn't seen Paul in a while, so, when he finally comes around, all of her feelings come rushing back - like they never left. The man looks better than ever, and Rachel can't stop thinking about him. She knows that it's wrong, but she still can't resist her "primal callings". At first, Paul doesn't seem to notice her and all of her little texts and stuff, but, pretty soon he opens up to her and admits that he's crazy about her as well.

Now, nobody can learn about this obsessive "relationship", especially her dad! It looks easy enough: just keep a secret and keep doing whatever you're doing, right? Well, it was all good until one day Rachel learns that she's pregnant. How can she keep that a secret? What is she supposed to do? Her Dad's Friend is a page-turner, a breath-taking tale that's got enough naughty in it to get you turned up.

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