her-dirty-professor-by-penny-wylderIf you love hot, sexy and naughty "romantic" stories to enjoy on a cold winter night, Penny Wylder should most definitely be on your list of favorite authors. Georgia is a young, sweet, kind girl, but she certainly does have some of that "nasty" in her. And when she took the most ridiculous dare, she instantly knew that she was gonna be in such a big trouble!

All of her friends kept talking about professor Loche, claiming that he used to be a porn actor wycay before he started teaching. They said all kinds of stuff about him, so, she decided to find out the real truth about all those claims. That was the most stupid thing she could do, but now there's no going back. Besides, even though she hates herself for taking the dare, she can't deny the fact that she's falling for this alpha-male-of-a-professor.

The only thing she wanted to do was get it over with, but when he looked at her with that smile and said that she's not the kind of a girl that can handle a guy like him, Georgia saw that as a challenge and got on with it. Naturally, the sex was amazing, and now she's a bit confused, to say the least: she can't stop thinking about him, plus, he keeps teasing her pretty much everywhere, including the class, the campus, and he doesn't seem to care what others will think of him.

But, if she gets caught, they'll take her scholarship away, and everything she's been working so hard for will be lost. So, she won the dare, but was it really worth putting her life and career at risk? Her Dirty Professor is exactly what the ladies need to get that rush of adrenaline that will light up the day-to-day routine. Penny Wylder delivers yet another steaming hot novel!

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