Here's to Us Hardcover by Elin Hilderbrand

Here's-to-Us-Hardcover-by-Elin-Scarlett Oliver, Laurel Thorpe, Belinda Rowe has one husband. It is only one thing that they share – the love for Deacon Thorpe. There are no more similarities among them. Their beloved husband. To tell the truth, those women mentioned above – all three of them – has a very strong personality, they are full of life and very successful in their field of work.

For example, the Laurel Thorpe is a beautiful social worker. The woman is very beautiful, so it's not surprising that Deacon Thorpe fell in love with her in a high school. Belinda Rowe is a rich primadonna from Hollywood. And in the end of lane Scarlett Oliver. She is from the South and also very beautiful and rich. Scarlett has a very influential family. With passing years Scarlett, Laurel, and Belinda created a gentle awareness of each other and established some rules. They try to avoid each other company very hard.

But all the rules are no more, and all of them gathered in one crowded house. They were forced to come together because of a tragic death of the man they all loved. Here's to Us is very unusual and talented novel written by Elin Hilderbrand. It is about love, jealousy. It is about three romantic rivals, about hidden secrets, and old memories, that should not be told...

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