hero-of-the-empire-by-candice-millardCandice Millard is internationally known for writing gripping, revealing, historically correct biographies of world-famous people like Roosevelt and Garfield. And now she's back with Hero of the Empire, an exciting, riveting chronology of Churchill's heroic-yet-unknown exploits during the horrifying Boer War. They say that when Winston was just a young man, 24 years of age, he was telling everybody that he was destined to become the next prime minister of England, even though he did lose in his very first run for Parliament.

He was convinced that in order to make folks believe in him and vote for him, he had to do something extraordinary on the battlefield. So, that's why he volunteered to serve in the British Army and fight in the colonial wars. However, that didn't bring him any luck, fame or glory. But, he never lost his spirit, and in 1899, he arrived in South Africa where the Brits were fighting a brutal war with the Boers.

2 weeks later, the rebels attacked an armored train that the future prime minister was on with other soldiers, and took him prisoner. Remarkably, the young Winston managed to escape but still had to travel for a very long time until he could make it back to his people. He had to travel through enemy territory on his own, without any food or money in his pockets.

But, even that wasn't enough for him: he enlisted for the second time, went back to South Africa, engaged the rebels in numerous battles, and even got back for the man he was locked up with and set them free. Candice Millard's superb writing style allowed her to turn this amazing story into a fast-paced, action-charged tale of bravery, honor, the horrors of war and one man's quest to victory. If you ever wanted to learn more about Winston Churchill, this is your best chance to do that.

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