Heroes-Of-The-Frontier-By-Dave-EggersFrom Dave Eggers, a best-selling American author comes a charming, gripping book about family, faith, loss, and love. It's a deep, intense and profound examination of the modern-day life of regular people and a highly entertaining and even funny adventure. Josie divorced her husband recently, and, on top of that, a former patient is suing her, and, as a result, she lost her dental license.

She is going through a rough patch, so, when her now-ex-husband asks her to bring the kids to Alaska so that they can meet his new girlfriend's family, Josie decides it's a good idea and a way for her to forget about all the recent failures and clear her head for a couple of days. She rents an old, beat-up RV and the three of them - Josie and her kids - embark on a fun journey that seems like the start of a perfect vacation. They come across bears, eat hotdogs and sleep in bags while parked in the scary, cold wilderness.

But, as they drive further on, some mysterious enemies - real and not so much - start to chase them and mistakes from the past catch up to Josie and her children. Dave Eggers put his heart and soul into this new novel and once again delivered a perfect chilling experience for the fans.

The story of a struggling mother and her two kids who travel through the Alaskan wilderness and try to stay alive (and sane) will grab your attention from the very first page and keep you guessing and second-guessing until the very end. This is a novel about America, a spectacular, captivating tale. At the same time, it's also pretty funny. Josie's quest for happiness will make you fall in love with her and believe that the Greater Good is always somewhere around.

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