Deb Caletti comes through with an intense, engrossing and moving story about love, loss, big-time secrets, lies, and life itself. If you love women's fiction and mystery/crime novels, this one will be right up your alley. By the way, the critics are calling it one of the best books of the year, so, don't be shy to grab a copy and enjoy it. Dani expected that fateful Sunday to be just like all the other ones.

Her head was hurting a bit (thanks to the alcohol), but, apart from that, everything seemed to be OK. She woke up in her houseboat and scolded herself for drinking tons of wine at a stupid party. Soon, she discovered that Ian, her lovely consort, is not around. Dani didn't give it much thought and went on with her day, doing all kinds of unnecessary things just to clear her head and enjoy the day.

Hours later, Ian is still not home, and the woman's slight frustration turns into worry; next, it turns into a disaster. A few moments later, it hits her: the man is gone. The cops start a full-on investigation and search, hoping to find Dani's husband as soon as possible. He might be hurt, kidnapped, killed, or maybe he just decided to evaporate. Dani starts her own search and desperately tries to find tips and hints at to what really happened to her man.

At the same time, she "unpacks" all those years together and thinks about all those things that defined their relationship. All the wrongdoings, the betrayals, the lies - she remembers it all, hoping that would give her a clue. The real truth about Dani, her spouse, and their marriage is harsh and brutal, but only by diving into it will she be able to find the man. He's Gone is an intense, suspenseful, thought-provoking and insanely gripping mystery thriller.

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