hidden-figures-by-margot-lee-shetterlyHidden Figures is the wonderful true story of the great black female scientists who put their hearts and minds into some of the greatest space projects this country has ever seen. These women dedicated their whole lives to NASA, but the government kept their identities a secret. Thankfully, today, after so many years, we can all read about their courage, dedication, and brilliant minds and appreciate everything that they've done for America. This is a historical book, and all the facts are accurate, which means every last word is true.

The readers will learn that way before Mr. Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, a team of gifted female mathematicians were spending days and nights calculating the right numbers that would make it possible to send rockets (and, of course, astronauts) into space and bring them back home safely. It's safe to say that if not for these women, our space program would simply fail.

Among those ladies were several African-American "human computers" who are considered to be one of the greatest minds of the 21st century. They were just regular teachers at public schools, but the government really needed bright folks during WW2, and that's how they became a part of the space program.

Obviously, these women were super excited to join the project that could change their lives, so, they gladly moved to Virginia where they made history happen. Now, despite the fact that they were never treated as equals and the law required them to be isolated from the white folks, these gifted black mathematicians helped America turn the tide in the space race against the Soviets.

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