Hidden Religion: The Greatest Mysteries and Symbols of the World's Religious Beliefs

Hidden-Religion-The-Greatest-Mysteries-and-Symbols-of-the-World's-Religious-BeliefsCovering secret societies, mysterious ancient traditions, and the often-mistaken history of the world's religious symbols, this book takes readers on a tour through the fascinating world of religious symbolism and reveals the most mysterious and misunderstood facets of religion.
• Provides fascinating historical and contextual information about religious traditions and symbols

• Addresses the roots of some of today's most popular superstitions and conspiratorial theories

• Focuses primarily on religions that are dominant or are becoming widespread within the United States, allowing students to gain a better understanding of religion in American society and greater appreciation for cultural diversity

• Develops a unique thesis about utilizing religious archetypes to facilitate understanding of religious ritual and organizations

• Includes a phonetic pronunciation guide with each entry to help students become comfortable with unfamiliar terminology

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