hill-towns-by-anne-rivers-siddonsHill Towns is one of the greatest classic novels out there, a brilliant story that's both powerful and emotional. Anne Rivers Siddons, the author of countless bestsellers that are always topping all kinds of "Top 10" lists, touches the hearts and minds of millions of fans all around the globe. Hill Towns is not a love story in the traditional sense, even though it is centered around love and people.

But it's not a tale about young, passionate men and women who fall in love with each other the second their eyes meet. No, the characters of Anne Rivers Siddons’s masterpiece are folks who have been married for over 2 decades and are 100% sure that they know everything there is to know about each other. However, a life-changing trip to Italy proves that there is still so much they need to know about their spouses (and themselves).

Catherine lost her mom and dad when she was just a 5-year-old child. She chose to live with her grandparents on Morgan's Mountain, even though she could've moved in with other family members. She claimed that she could control her own life from there and always be ready for whatever was coming for her. That's how Hill Towns welcomes the readers. The second part follows the girl (who's now a woman) and her man on a wonderful trip towards midlife discovery.

They are set to get the most out of their exciting new journey and they make new friends, eat, drink and even act a bit crazy. They're trying to accept every single challenge that life sends their way and enjoy the wonders of Italy. The author invites us all to join the trip and get into Catherine's mind, see it all through her eyes. Hill Towns is a deep, intimate, riveting story about an adult relationship. Plus, it's also an excellent travelogue.

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