His name is Mr. Conti, and he has everything a man dreams of on planet Earth. He's a billionaire and comes with good looks (he's a dark, masculine, handsome man, not just a pretty face), exceptional skills in bed and that alpha-male-only charisma that makes all the ladies melt. This world belongs to him, and he does whatever he pleases with it.

So, the big question is - why the hell is this walking-talking sex machine in an exhausting relationship with a gold-digger, a stupid bimbo who cheats on him on every step of the way? Well, we all make mistakes sometimes, and Giacomo hired Norah - a beautiful, sweet, modest and witty girl to help him catch his slut-of-a-girlfriend with her lover and dump her right there and then. What started as a business deal between Gia and the girl soon turned into something entirely different.

None of them was ready for the sudden rush of lust, and now the man can't work or do anything else: she's on his mind 24/7, and that compelling smile, those soft, kissable lips, the tight body and long legs are driving him all kinds of crazy. He wants to own her in bed - to make her scream his name and fall in love with.

At the same time, Conti knows that it's not going to be a piece of cake to make a girl like that be with him, but he's ready to walk that extra mile and put a lot of work into this new "project" of his. She's the one and only girl for him and a man simply can't afford himself to let his fate pass on by. Will it be a challenge to conquer her heart and mind? Most definitely. And will it be worth it? You already know the answer! His Beautiful Revenge is a classic bad-boy romance that features a billionaire playboy and a sweet, sexy young woman who steals his heart.

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