his-brat-by-isabella-starlingIsabella Starling comes with a provocative-yet-thrilling romantic story that's got enough taboo and naughty moments to turn into a scandalous novel. Max is about to marry a woman who he doesn't really feel anything towards - it's a loveless marriage that's simply "convenient". At the same time, her daughter, Lola, catches his attention the second he lays eyes on her, and he can't stop thinking about this girl, even though he's doing his best not to.

Naturally, he didn't know that she was related to the woman that's gonna be his wife soon, but that doesn't make this situation any easier. So, he tries to convince himself that he's not the right choice for Lola, because he's a work hard, play hard kind of guy. He's tough and rough, and that would ruin a sweet, innocent girl like that. However, he can't resist the urge because she's too damn fine to forget.

Lola, in turn, got her whole world flipped upside down when Max stumbled into her life. He brings chaos and destruction into her perfectly planned life, but it's almost impossible for Lola to let go of him - she never met a man like him, not even close. She even set a bunch of rules for herself to follow: she can't touch, kiss, or do anything else with him. She can't even speak with the man. But will she be able to stay away?

His Brat is an instant bestseller and, as far as women's fiction goes, this is that kind of a book to read in a couple of hours and keep coming back for those special moments and to relive them in your mind. The novel is simply magnificent, and it's a must read for all the fans who appreciate rich, colorful characters, a splendidly-paced narrative, and tons of that naughty stuff.

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